Pravasi Vayana Monthly Magazine

Pravasi Vayana is a monthly magazine published from six Gulf Countries with wide circulation and readership. It has started publication on January 2015. Pravasi Vayana put up stories interested to all section of society including women and children which attracted with its high-quality printing and layout.


Our articles have a connection to the minds of people with the spirit of a geeky point of view. For instance, when we run an article on any subject related to expatriates, we peel away the mystery and provide useful information. When you read the magazine you will have a clear picture about the subject touched. Our clean, reader-friendly design attracts all including narrow readers to look in to its pages Most importantly, we show the utmost respect to the readers.


Pravasi Vayana attracts great talent with high exposure. Many talented writers have come up with interesting stories in Pravasi Vayana.

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Instead of using advertisements, Pravasi Vayana Magazine relies on subscriptions and individual issue sales also. We are keen in quality writing, photography; editing, illustration, proofreading, design, and programming that make up each issue. The Magazine leaves behind a lot of remarkable notes during its short span of time.